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Jakob Bangsø joins the Augustine Strings Family of Artists!

Jakob is proud to be welcomed into the family of Augustine Artists as they launch their brand new fluorocarbon string line PARAGON.

By developing the first nylon guitar strings in collaboration with guitar maestro Andrés Segovia in the mid-1940's, Albert Augustine invented a new standard for classical guitarists that has stood the test of time for over seven decades.

Augustine PARAGON strings epitomise Augustine's continued dedication to delivering excellence while representing a modern fusion of timelessness and authenticity.

I have fitted my 2015 Boguslaw Teryks guitar with Augustine Paragon Blue strings. For me, this is the ideal set because they allow me to obtain the maximum potential of my instrument, while responding to my playing without any limitations. They provide the perfect balance between power and clarity without compromising sound quality and color range, making them incredibly inspiring to play. - Jakob Bangsø

Jakob uses a mixture of Augustine Paragon Blue trebles, Augustine Classic Blue basses and Augustine Regal Red on the 1st string.


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