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Review in Guitare Classique

New review of 'Guitar Concertos' in the June-August 2021 issue of the French magazine Guitare Classique. English translation below.

"It is always pleasant to listen to a disc having a common thread, a certain coherence, a bond which is woven in filigree between the recorded works. It is in this sense that Danish guitarist Jakob Bangsø and the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra (conducted by conductor Kaisa Roose) perform three concertos for guitar written by three contemporary composers. The starting point of this triptych, Troubadours (John Corigliano), is also at the origin, as a reference and source of inspiration, of the two ensuing concertos, Saudade (Constantine Caravassilis) and Chaconne (Wayne Siegel), written in collaboration with Jakob Bangsø. But the pleasure of listening extends well beyond the commonalities between these three works. Indeed, without waiting, we find ourselves caught up and taken on board by the sumptuous interpretation during which the orchestra thus advances according to the notes, like a majestic flagship whose omnipotence is sublimated by the splendor and the flamboyance of Jakob Bangsø as a figurehead." - Pascal Proust


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