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New premiere of solo work by Andric

Effervescence (2018) for guitar was premiered at The House Festival in Aarhus, Denmark, on July 18th 2018.

Program note: With an abundance of music recordings of every genre and from every time period in the past 1000 years and beyond, available on a click, and with frequent copyright lawsuits among the most beloved pop music creators, often a question gets asked: haven't all the possibilities for ordering music notes been already exhausted? The question seems difficult, so let's try answering an easier one: have we exhausted all the possibilities for ordering notes that belong to only one chord? Say, the preferred one on guitar, the e-minor? This work contains 165 possibilities out of 6561 selections and orderings of 4 out of 9 notes of e-minor chord. It is evident on the face of it that many of them have never occurred to anyone, so the answer to the above question is a resolute no. We haven't explored the possibility of music even within a single chord, let alone in the whole area of possible elements of music expression. Accidentally the result of the above procedure turned out to be quite difficult to play, so it turned out to be a fulfillment of my long time wish: to write a truly virtuoso piece that would be at least something of a challenge for my dear friend Jakob Bangsø. Being entirely created from notes of a single chord, Effervescence is also something of an ultimate mood piece, an eternal presence of shimmering sound in perpetual flux. - Andreja Andric

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