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Jens Astrup's Invenzioni Frammentarie premiered in Aarhus

Programme note:

Today, we probably know the word invention best from Bach's two-part inventions, but actually the concept originates from the ancient teaching about the structure of good speech: Inventio (invention) - the first part of the speech structure in which ideas are developed and where the possibilities of the material are briefly tested for what it contains - exactly what Bach does in his inventions.

Invenzioni Frammentarie is, in a way, an attempt to explore and develop different characters, gestures and motifs in short movements as precisely as possible, but contrary to Bach's inventions nothing is concluded here. Instead, it is all kept open and unsettled.

The six small movements each constitute detached - perhaps unresolved - statements, but played together they simultaneously support an overarching form and in that sense one - more reflected - statement.

1. "Mesto": Small attempts to develop a tritone jump upwards, but the energy does not go far.

2. "Gigue": Initially a gigue designed as a traditional 2-part Invention. However, the rhythm quickly cracks.

3. "Sarabanda": Very traditional in its structure. In the second part, it progresses however.

4. "Mobile": A disturbance sways faintly in the wind. Sudden, slightly stronger gusts bring more movement. In the end, a memory occurs.

5. "Serenata": A serenade.

6. "gabby". Gabby was an acquaintance of only one day during the absolute youth of the composer. An acquaintance that was full of promise, but impossible. Therefore painful. The notes g-a-b-b-e are used.

Finally, the tritone appears, Es-A (the composer's surname backwards) downwards. The withdraws and ends at the beginning of the ascending tritone in 1st movement.

Invenzioni Frammentarie (2022) for solo guitar was premiered by Jakob Bangsø at the 18th International Guitar Festival Aarhus, Den Gamle By, "Helsingør Theater".


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