Jakob's new album, Corigliano, Caravassilis & Siegel: Guitar Concertos, is now available on Orchid Classics!

Jakob Bangsø presents three contemporary guitar concertos: John Coriglianos Troubadours, alongside world-premiere recordings of works inspired by Corigliano's piece and written for Bangsø: the Saudade by Constantine Caravassilis and Wayne Siegel's Chaconne.

American composer John Corigliano's Troubadours was partly inspired by medieval musicians, and incorporates a theme by the La Comtessa, Beatritz de Dia, into its evocative material. Fellow American Wayne Siegel also draws upon earlier precedents in his Chaconne, collaborating with Jakob Bangsø to create a piece that slowly unfolds and evolves, while Canadian composer Constantine Caravassilis uses Greek folk-music as part of his Saudade, a title that comes from a Portuguese word suggestive of bittersweet memories.

Available now on Amazon.

Valseana (Sérgio Assad)

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