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5-star review in Classica magazine (April 2021 issue)

French music magazine Classica praises Jakob's album Guitar Concertos for its originality in a 5-star review.

English version below.

Winner of numerous international competitions, Jakob Bangsø, born in 1988, showed from his beginnings an affinity for today's repertoire, confirmed by this program designed around nostalgia and memory. The shadow of Arvo Pärt hangs over Troubadours by John Corigliano, an ethereal poem, a lyrical concerto that draws on medieval music. The orchestra immediately transports the listener to the heart of cottony clouds. Mineral and clear, Jakob Bangsø's guitar nestles in the hollow of this case of vapors, gold and mother-of-pearl, and alternates refined melodies, impetuous scales and explosive chords.
Saudade by Constantine Caravassilis is built around two themes, the first based on lullabies once sung to the composer by his grandmother, the second based on a traditional Greek song. Jakob Bangsø gives birth to varied climates, sometimes tender and melancholy, introspective and straightforward, swarming and colorful. At the beginning of Wayne Siegel's Chaconne, the soloist hums a few notes, as if looking for a forgotten tune, which will then undergo variations in instrumentation and textures symbolizing the turmoil of memories and the mobility of feelings. A record as original as it is successful, far from the Latin spheres in which the guitar is too often confined.
Fabienne Bouvet


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